What’s the craic?

Two months ago, many of our teachers experienced a drastic change in their lives when they realised that their favourite DAM and International Trade students weren’t there any more. That was because we had just taken a flight to Dublin in order to pursue one of the most remarkable experiences of our lives, the Erasmus internship.

Once in Dublin, we got to a gigantic house with many rooms called “Zion Hall” where we were able to settle in right away. At the beginning we weren’t satisfied with our rooms but after negotiating with the owner, we got better ones. We have been living here since then and we are happy.

As we had few days off before starting work in our assigned companies, we tried to take advantage of them and have a look at the city. Fantastic! Such different and amazing city!! Such nice people over here!! SUCH GLORIOUS BEER! We spent those days visiting the more places we could. It’s definitely a “must visit” city.

After having become familiar with the city, it was time to put on our smart clothes and our “intellectual” faces for our first day in our companies. Some started immediately but others had to wait a while to start, but finally everyone got a job. Natalia and Iñaki(DAM) are working for Unipupil, a company made up of internships only.They work hard and they are happy. Marina (Int. Trade) works for Saburritos company and she’s pretty content as well. She has a magnificent relationship with her partners. Carlos works for Myplace connect, he is getting on great and he will probably be hired. Javi is likely to be hired too in his company, he is very excited. Raquel is working hard in her company taking on lots of responsibilities, and she is enjoying it. Finally, Xhovan, who is the most handsome, is working for Joe Duffy BMW, dealing with goods inwards and logistics of car parts and components. There is a great banter between him and his partners.

By the way, Xhovan is me.

Don’t you worry though, we’ve also got plenty of time for social lives here. We have met some Italian and Irish guys. The italians work with Natalia so she introduced them to us. I met the Irish, who are now my gang of mates, in a strange but amazing “blind birthday party” where nobody knew anybody. I have had many “coffees” with them up until now and we pretty smitten with each other.

Finally, just to give this article a little melancholy sign-off, we miss our people, our friends, classmates and ….JESUS!!… we miss our teachers as well!!!!

That’s all for now. There is another month left full of endless adventures.

See you in Spain.

Cheers from Dublin.

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